Welcome to the links section of my web site. It is a collection of links that are useful or interesting, some of which I visit on a regular basis.

I have experimented with various ways of organizing the links... So far I'm not totally satisfied with any of them, so bare with me.


Search Engines:
Google, Northern Light, AltaVista, Yahoo.
ZDNET Hotfiles , WUGNET Shareware, PC Magazine Free Utilities, No Nags, TUCOWS.
News and Publications:
New York Times, The Economist, International Herald Tribune, PC Magazine, Byte, BBC News.
John Dvorak, Jerry Pournelle, Dave Barry, David Letterman.
Encyclopedia Britannica, Merriam-Webster Dictionary, USGS Mapping, Shakespeare's Complete Works, LibrarySpot, Refdesk, AFI's 100 Greatest Movies.
Miscellaneous Sites of Interest:
TI Calculators, Top 100 Web Sites, Prospects of ADSL Internet Access in France..., My Excite, My Yahoo, Tangleword, Mathpuzzle,,, DejanewsMersenne Prime Search .


Search Engines
Northern Light, AltaVista, Yahoo, Google.

Softseek, ZDNet Shareware Library, WUGNET Shareware, PC Magazine Free Utilities, No Nags, TUCOWS.

News Sites
 New York Times, The Economist, CNN, ABCNews, Washington Post, NPR, USAToday.

Other Resources
Research-it, Political Leaders, HTML 4.0, WebElements, Internet Movie DB, Star Links, Acronyms, Bartlett's, Encyclopedia Britannica, I-Movie-DB, Patents, Bibliobytes, Bibliomania, Ain't it Cool, Ref Desk, Languages, MW, Classical Midi Archives, Amazon, B&N.

Interesting Links
Moby Dick Code, Buy Elements, Pi, Fullerenes, Futurama Alphabet, Atmospheric CO2, 1918 Flu, Chocolate Chemicals, US Mint, Dave Barry, Chaos.

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