Welcome to the files section of my web page. In this section, I have posted several files I often use and deem useful enough to share with everyone else, also there are links to the best of the best (in my opinion) shareware (and freeware) on the web.

File NameDescription
shutdown.exeA small program that shuts down windows quickly (or restarts or logs off with parameters).
JPGSaver.scrA small screen saver that displays a slide show of all the JPEG files in one directory (very useful for digital photos).
irfanview.zipA compact yet very complete and well-designed image viewing program.
icq99b.zipA program the tells you when your friends are online and allows you to chat with them and send them messages.
winamp25c.exeThe best mp3 player available.
winzip.exeA program that uncompresses .zip files, a very popular distribution format on the internet.
wep.exeWindows Entertainment Pack (includes jezzball and others).
slam.exeAn entertaining shareware game.
chicken.exeAnother funny little shareware game.

Also, check out the links to shareware/freeware sites as well as PC Magazine's Free Utilities. (I find that most of them are very well-designed and useful.)

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